Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Enroll/Register a Windows 10 Device with Wso2 IoT Server

Windows 10 Device Registration

Windows 10 Mobile has a built-in device management client to deploy, configure, maintain, and support smartphones. Common to all editions of the Windows 10 operating system, including desktop, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT), this client provides a single interface through which Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions can manage any device that runs Windows 10

Our upcoming Wso2 IoT 3.0.0 Server provide windows 10 MDM support, You all are highly welcome to download the the pack and check it out windows device enrollment and device management through operations and policies.Up to now We are only supported Windows Phone and Windows Laptop.

Enrollment Steps:

  1.  Sign in to the Device Management console.
  • Starting the Server
  • Access the device management console.
    • For access via HTTP:
      For example: 
    • For access via secured HTTP:
      https://<HTTPS_HOST>:9443/devicemgt/ For example: https://localhost:9443/devicemgt/ 
  • Enter the username and password, and sign in.

IOT login page
The system administrator will be able to log in using admin for both the username and password. However, other users will have to first register with IoTS before being able to log into the IoTS device management console. For more information on creating a new account, see Registering with IoTS.

  • Click LOGIN. The respective device management console will change, based on the permissions assigned to the user.
  • For example, the device management console for an administrator is as follows:

2. Click on the Add

3. Then All the Device type will appear, Click on the Windows Device type.

4. Click Windows to enroll your device with WSO2 IoTS.

5. Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Access work or school, then tap the Enroll only in device management option

6. Provide your corporate email address, and tap sign in.

if your domain is, you need to give the workplace email address as

7. Enter the credentials that you provided when registering with WSO2 IoTs, and tap Login
  • Username - Enter your WSO2 IoTS username.
  • Password - Enter your WSO2 IoTS password.

8. Read the policy agreement, and tap I accept the terms to accept the agreement.  

9. The application starts searching for the required certificate policy.

10. Once the application successfully finds and completes the certificate sharing process it indicates that the email address is saved. 

Then completed the Windows Device Enrollment process
When the application has successfully connected to WSO2 IoTS, it indicates the details of the last successful attempt that was made to connect to the server.
Note : Windows devices support local polling. Therefore if a device does not initiate the wakeup call, you can enable automatic syncing by tapping the  button.

After successfully enroll the the Device,You can see more Details of the enrolled device and execute some operations and policies also.

  • Click on the View:

  • Then click on the Windows image      
This directs you to the device details page where you can view the device information and try out operations on a device.

Device Information:
Device Location
Operation Log

You can follow up more details from the Device management flow here 

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